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The Australian Gay Postal Vote

The other side of the Rainbow

To be clear I have absolutely no problem with a Gay Union and I hope that is afforded every good legal right and I lovingly support Gay peoples freedom and choice, however when the term "Marriage" is ridden the flow on effect is that it becomes difficult to protect the more important rights of third party children (which is becoming all too common) and if you are Gay or not, if this is the first time you have considered Millie Fontana's "Other Side" point of view (as too many have not) then it's evident much more discussion and careful consideration of consequence is appropriate before this postal vote is driven blindly through our democracy

As a result of Gay third party parenting Millie deeply knows the impact to a child of Gay parents. I think it is important that everyone who votes is given opportunity to take Millie's view into consideration.

Flames and argument will abound in every which way that this has nothing to do with Gay Marriage and that normalizing and formalizing Gay Marriage will help all the new Millie's to follow.. I hear you!
However Millie knows it all far better than me and she is voting NO

Before voting simply because it is trendy, be sure to watch her important video.

Australia Issues Article: 170810024338  Updated: 27 Aug 2017


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